Officers and Directors

2019 Officers

Steven Kroll, Chief and Executive Director
Jennifer Kerr, Captain and Director of Operations
Eric Kerr, Sr. Lieutenant and Director of Training
Matt Wiley, Sr. Lieutenant
Drew Anderson, Lieutenant
Bob Gehrer, Lieutenant
Kristen Knights, Lieutenant
Ashley Cicchinelli, Lieutenant
Andrew Hynes, Lieutenant

Board of Directors

David Scoons, President of the Board, Director
Bruce Ushkow, MD, Vice-President of the Board, Director
Greg Levow, EMT, Secretary of the Board, Director
Veronica Armbruster, FNP, Director
Linda Schacht, Director
Donna Silvernail, PA-C, Director
Debbie Erickson, Treasurer (non-voting)
Al McNamara, Assistant Treasurer (non-voting)
Steven Kroll, EMT, Executive Director (non-voting)

Medical Directors

Dr. Bruce Ushkow, MD, Co-Medical Director
Dr. Luke Duncan, MD, Co-Medical Director
Dr. Michael Dailey, MD, Associate Medical Director
Dr. Donald Doynow, MD, Associate Medical Director


James Kerr, Administrator, HIPAA Compliance Officer
Davin Krzykowski, Administrator’s Assistant
Ron Stockman, Administrator’s Assistant

Support Personnel

Rev. Mark Mueller, Chaplain
Erin Sinisgalli, CPR Instructor/Coordinator

In Memory

David Putnam, MD, Prior Board Director